Wooberly V.1.9.1 is released: Here’s what you need to know about the update

June 23, 2021

By Saaradha Thilagam S

Marhaban, Entrepreneurs of the New Age!

We are very happy to announce our latest version of Wooberly.

Let’s get going! But to begin with, let’s know a little about the product.

What is so special about Wooberly?

Wooberly is an on-demand marketplace platform that helps and ensures entrepreneurs an online presence for their taxi business. The specialty of this on-demand platform is its 100% customizable attribute and scalability.

Let’s get to know about the NEW version of Wooberly!

  • We have added the Right to Left (RTL) language support in both the web and admin panel.

Get to know the working model of the RTL language support feature!

Step 1: Click here → To go to the demo admin web panel of Wooberly.

Step 1 - Wooberly v1.9.1

Step 2: There will be pre-filled information such as email address and password.

Step 3: Click login to have access to the admin panel.

Step 4: You’ll find the globe icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. It represents the language options in the platform.

Step 2 - Wooberly v1.9.1

Step 5: Click the globe-like icon. And find the various options of languages.

Step 4 - Wooberly v1.9.1

Step 6: Click the RTL language (like Arabic) for the change of language.

Step 5 - Wooberly v1.9.1

Now your on-demand platform is ready to welcome Arabic-speaking end users!

Step 7- Wooberly v1.9.1

Advantage of having RTL support:

  1. Business expansion to all the Arabic-speaking countries.
  2. Giving a sense of customization and comfort for all Arabic-speaking users.
  3. Increase in platform’s authority towards the end-users.

We wish you all success with your taxi business. If you plan on getting to know about us or our product – check out the website here!

Want a Demo session for our product?

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Rider app:


Driver app:


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