Wooberly V.1.9 is rolling out now: Here’s what you need to know

May 20, 2021

By Saaradha Thilagam S

Hello Entrepreneurs! We are super excited to announce our latest version of Wooberly.

Know about Wooberly!

Wooberly is an on-demand platform that helps entrepreneurs boost their taxi business. It is 100% customizable and scalable – Meaning: As your business grows, this on-demand platform will accommodate your expansion.

Let’s get to know what is amazing about this NEW version!

  • We have added an “In-app chat feature” on both the riders and the driver apps.
  • We have added the “Tokenization approach” for Stripe payout.

A brief on the updates on Wooberly V.1.9:

1. In-app chat feature:

The in-app chat feature helps in communication between the rider and the driver without leaving the app.

Let’s get into the working model of the in-app chat feature, shall we?

Step 1: The rider makes a booking mentioning the pickup and drop location with the vehicle of their choice.

Step 2: The driver receives a notification to accept the ride.

Step 3: Once the driver accepts the ride. The rider receives the information of the driver. (Name, vehicle number, call icon to the left and a chat icon to the right)

Rider in-app chat image

Step 4: The rider can click on the chat icon which will direct to the chatbox. In which the rider can send a message to the driver and vice versa.

in-app chatbox

2. Tokenization approach in Stripe payout:

The tokenization approach is implemented for our European customers according to the laws and regulations of their countries.

The payout information such as [account number, identification type – driving license, identity card, etc] will NOT be saved in the app.

And every time the bank details are added it generates a unique code to keep the bank information confidential. This ensures the safety and security of the user’s banking information.

Want to know more about the feature and its working model of Wooberly?

Check out our Free Demo by clicking the link below!


Rider app:


Driver app:



Rider app:


Driver app:


Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp or be traditional and drop us an email at [email protected]

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