How to start a women-only rental business with a readymade solution?

April 26, 2021

By Keerthana

Women-owned businesses are playing a predominant role over the last few decades. If you’re a female entrepreneur thinking about starting your own business, now is the perfect time to get started.

Looking forward to start your online rental business? This blog provides you with a list of top rental business ideas to consider.

What is a women-only rental business?

A woman-only rental business is entirely owned, run, and managed by one or more female entrepreneurs.

How does a women-only rental business work?

The rental business focuses on three groups such as customers, rental owners, and platform/business owners.

The platform allows the rental owners to list their property, and customers can rent the properties or things for a fixed time.

The platform owner is the one who manages and earns revenue from the business.

Top rental business ideas for women:

1. Wedding apparel rental business:

Customers who cannot afford or do not want to spend too much on clothing or accessories for special occasions prefer using online wedding apparel rental businesses. This kind of service allows customers to rent clothes by using an online platform.

2. Scooter rental business:

The scooter rental business allows hosts to rent out their scooters for a specific amount of time for travelers who need them. Travelers can search through the platform and book their preferred scooters. Starting a scooter rental business offers benefits for female entrepreneurs including convenience and cost-effectiveness.

3. Book rental business:

The book rental business is extremely profitable, and it has been rapidly expanding due to its constant demand. Users can rent a book for a while from the platform.

4. Fashion rental business:

The rental marketplace platform has been exploding in popularity. The fashion rental business is one of a kind that allows people to rent expensive clothes or accessories at a low cost when compared to the retail price.

The property owner adds details about the dress and accessories, such as a picture and a description.  Customers use the platform to rent fashion accessories.

How does an online rental business generate revenue?

The revenue model describes how the platform plans to monetize its services. There are different types of revenue models. But, the most popular revenue model used in the online rental marketplace is the commission-based model.

Business owners charge a commission fee for every transaction that occurs on the platform. The commission fee is of either two types: fixed fee or percentage fee.

How to create an online rental platform?

1. Create a business plan:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

Formulating a business plan is one of the important steps in starting a business. While creating a business plan, you need to research your target market, customers, and so on. Having a clear business plan will help you achieve your goals.

2. Choose the right revenue and business model:

The next step in starting an online rental business is choosing the right revenue and business model that will help you to be profitable and also makes you stand apart from the crowd.

3. Choose a specific set of features and technologies:

Selecting the appropriate set of features and technologies is an important aspect of creating an online rental platform. Features and functionalities helps increase the platform capabilities and assist in expanding your business.

4. Choose a cost-effective solution

Instead of investing a huge amount of money in developing an online rental business from scratch, you can get a ready-made solution that helps in saving your time and money.

Interested to know more about ready-made solutions? You can make use of a readymade solution like RentALL to start your rental business with all of the necessary features and functionalities.

What RentALL is all about?

RentALL is a pre-built rental marketplace platform that can be customized to fit any rental niche and can be easily scaled to meet the needs of the business. Also, it is cost-effective and comes with all of the required features and cutting-edge technology to help you efficiently manage your rental business.


Being your own boss allows you to make your own decisions and juggle your obligations.

Have you considered starting your rental business with one of the above-mentioned business ideas?  If yes, then there’s no better time than now to get started!

We are here to assist you in launching your rental business. Just drop us a mail at [email protected] or chat with us via WhatsApp.


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