5 Ways to Streamline Restaurant Operations With Software Solutions

December 8, 2020

By Keerthana

Technology is rapidly changing the way restaurants operate. Nowadays, any business in the food and dining industry can access software, apps, and technology to streamline a restaurant and significantly improve the way it runs. In this age and the coming years, virtual tools for diners, coffee shops, and bars will cease to become a luxury and start becoming a necessity.

Studies show that over 80% of restaurants are now turning towards technology to assist with activities such as online ordering, reservations, inventory tracking, marketing, customer service, or consumer analytics.

With that number poised to grow more, it’s time that restaurant owners and staff start thinking about streamlining operations with software solutions if they haven’t yet. Those who have created the streamlining processes should also start planning to increase the level by which their operations use technology.

Here are five ways to streamline operations with restaurant management software solutions.

1. Last-Mile Delivery

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the food industry, many restaurants adapted by giving people delivery options. Now, people can order food from the safety of their own homes with delivery apps like WooberlyEats food delivery software, which provides restaurants with a fully customizable and cost-effective order and delivery platform for businesses in the food business.

As the crisis eases up, there is a compelling reason to believe that people will continue to use last-mile delivery for their food orders.

Restaurants can capitalize on this trend by partnering with a delivery app to start offering food for home or office deliveries. More often than not, the partnership costs very little at the restaurant’s end and promises another stream of revenue without having to expand facilities or shops.

2. Feedback and Customer Review

The power of word of mouth remains the most robust way to get people to learn about a business. Feedback can help drive more awareness, buzz, and even traffic, so restaurants must create a positive experience for their customers and then encourage them to leave a review on a website like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and many other review sites.

It’s been shown that up to 90% of guests check a restaurant’s online presence and reviews before visiting it for the first time. Creating an account and driving people to those accounts to leave reviews don’t require a lot of time. Still, it can provide many great benefits to a company, including improving its brand and reputation and even getting more new customers.

3. Restaurant Management Apps

Running a restaurant floor can be quite stressful for supervisors and managers. Things can get out of hand really fast when things get busy, and staff often struggle to keep tabs on orders, dish outs, reservations, payments, and so on. That’s why using a restaurant management system helps.

Some of the best management software for restaurants are often inexpensive and intuitive to use, making it necessary for any restaurant or store manager today. The benefits of restaurant management software to optimize your operations are tantamount to gaining greater success as a service business. So it makes a world of difference to start investing in restaurant management tools to help keep track of floor operations.

4. Booking and Reservations Apps

One of the more common software used by restaurants is a booking app. These apps help guests reserve seats before coming into a store. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to booking and reservation apps, like Eat App, Resy, Wisely, Tock, Open Table, and Table Agent.

Using a reservation app helps staff and restaurant management create better projections on how many people they serve on a given day. The use of a reservation app also helps with marketing as it offers an easy entry point for incoming guests.

5. Cashless Payment Gateways

As technology improves, so does the level by which people can make secure payments online. There has been an unmistakable increase in the use of online payment gateways to transact with businesses both online and offline. So it helps when restaurants provide cashless payment options to their clients.

A growing trend that businesses in food and dining should start jumping into is using eWallets. Seventy-one percent of virtual transactions happen via payment applications and eWallets. Creating an eWallet gateways is quite easy and requires very little upkeep on the part of restaurant staff while also being a great value-add to guests.

Tools for Restaurant Management

Food will always be a basic necessity, but the way we consume and deliver it changes drastically through time. It’s hard to imagine that restaurants looked and behaved radically different from today just a century ago. That evolution will never stop. Things will continue to change for the better.

It’s amazing how technology is improving restaurant operations. And as time goes by, tech companies will only find better ways to make running a restaurant easier to run. Restaurants will always be on the receiving end of innovations that help grow businesses and simplify operations, but only if they start using software solutions. So any restaurant that wants to see their business level-up should start looking to use software and technology to augment their day-to-day performance.

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