Complete Guide to Build a Uber for X Script

September 16, 2020

By Keerthana

According to the statistics, on-demand services are attracting 22.4 million consumers with revenue generated of nearly $57.6 billion annually worldwide. It is clear that on-demand business with Uber for X script is the most profitable and also popular sector.

Interested to be a part of an on-demand business and want to increase your customer base? There are certain things that you need to know before starting your own on-demand business with the Uber clone app.

In this blog journey, you’ll get all the necessary information about the Uber for X script that you need to know before starting your on-demand venture.

What is Uber for X?

Uber for X is an idea of using an On-demand marketplace app that connects consumers with service providers of different sectors like beauticians, maids, alcohol, laundry, and so on.

Why is Uber for X services in high demand?

Exploring the reasons behind the popularity of Uber for X solutions,

  • Ease and Convenience
  • Nearby service availability
  • Stunning offers
  • Affordability

How Uber for X script works?

1. Users and service providers create their account
2. Users will be able to find nearby providers and can book or order whatever they need.
3. Then the particular service provider receive the request from the user
4. The service provider have the option to accept/decline the request
5. After accepting the order, the service provider provide the services that users are expecting for
6. A certain amount of service fee will be received by the service provider for the services provided by them.
7. Admin manages all the activities done by both service providers and users and also receives the commission fee after the successful completion of every service.

Top 12 On-Demand Uber for X Solutions to Choose For Your Upcoming Startup

  • Uber for Beauty
  • Uber for Healthcare
  • Uber for Tutor
  • Uber for Tow truck
  • Uber for Massage
  • Uber for Pharmacy
  • Uber for Courier
  • Uber for Alcohol
  • Uber for Fitness trainer
  • Uber for Laundry
  • Uber for Home services
  • Uber for Car washing
  • Uber for Bike taxi

Let’s see in detail about Uber for X solutions,

1. Uber for Laundry

According to on-demand stats, laundry services will hit 7,660 million Dollars in 2020. Uber for laundry has become a necessary thing as people don’t want to indulge in washing clothes by spending their time out of their busy schedules.

Uber for laundry allows the users to book the nearby laundry services through the seamless Uber for laundry app.

Then the service provider receives the request and reaches the user’s location to take the clothes for laundry. The user will be automatically notified once the services get done. The user will pay through the app and the services will be delivered at their scheduled time.

2. Uber for Tutor

Uber for tutors is one of the most effective ways that help in tutoring made simpler for the students. It allows the students to book their tutor as per their choices. Students can simply log in via the app and book for the tutor online if they need help. The tutor receives the request from the students.

After accepting the request, the tutor reaches the student location and gets paid accordingly once the session gets over. Tutors and also students leave their feedback in the form of ratings and reviews.

3. Uber for Tow truck

If the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, searching for a mechanic would be more tedious for the user.

Won’t you be relaxed if an app helps you find or locate a mechanic in case of breakdown?

Uber for tow trucks allows the user to find and connect to the nearby mechanics by sharing his nearby location along with vehicle number and also vehicle model. Then the mechanic receives the notification and reaches the user’s location. Then the mechanic helps the user in fixing the vehicle issues. It makes the user feel more comfortable.

4. Uber for Beauty services

People prefer to avail the beauty services at the comfort of their home. This paved way for Uber for beauty services. Users can book the services by selecting their preferred beauticians in an app. Once the booking gets confirmed, the service provider reaches the user’s location and provides service. After done, users rate their experience and also give their reviews.

5. Uber for Healthcare

Patients are now free from the hassle of reaching the doctors, in case of any emergency, with the help of Uber for healthcare apps. Patients will be able to get the medical benefits by scheduling appointments with their preferred doctors. It helps patients in delivering efficient interactions with the doctors.

6. Uber for Home Services

The Uber for home services industry is quite popular. Approximately 80% of the users are using online home services and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 49% by 2021
. Home services include a wide range of services from home cleaning to lawn cleaning, carpentering to plumbing.

7. Uber for Car Washing

Car users are increasing day by day. It would be much better if the user finds an app to book car washing services. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment via Uber for the car washing app and the service provider directly reaches the user at their location at the preferred date and also time to fulfill users’ requirements.

8. Uber for Alcohol

Uber for alcohol allows the users to get their alcohol delivered at their place with the help of these services.

Uber for alcohol delivery script grants numerous money-making business opportunities to the new beginners and also flourishing entrepreneurs.

9. Uber for Courier

Uber for Courier allows users to book the delivery services with the necessary details and a delivery person will be assigned to deliver the courier to the user’s address.

10. Uber for Fitness Trainer

Fitness plays a vital role in every human life. But most people hardly find time to keep themselves fit and also healthy. Uber for fitness trainer app allows users to book their personal trainer to train individually.

11. Uber for Pharmacy

Receive prescribed medicine at the doorstep by ordering through an Uber for pharmacy app. It works in a way that patients can upload the scanned prescription sheet and are able to receive the medicine easily without reaching out to the medical shop.

12. Uber for Massage

Uber for massage is one such trend that allows people to get their massage services at their own place. The reason for massage differs from various reasons like spa treatments, pain relief, stress relief, relaxation. With the help of Uber for massage apps, people will be able to book their massage services with just a few taps.

13. Uber for Bike taxi

Uber for bike taxi acts as an intermediate platform to connect riders and drivers. The rider will search and book a bike taxi to reach their destination.

On the other end, the driver will receive the booking request from the rider, and the driver will pick the rider from the pickup location and drop them at the exact location.

Riders will pay for their ride via card, cash, or wallet. Read through this blog on bike taxi app development to build your own bike taxi app


Technology is essential for on-demand transportation businesses to offer seamless and also a flawless performance that helps our business stand unique and also reach astonishing heights.

Hence, the latest technology that suits on-demand services is Flutter. Let us discuss flutter in detail,

Flutter is an open-source software development kit powered by Google that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and also provides a smooth experience to the users.

How Flutter is beneficial?

1. Flutter is a flexible framework that helps you build high-performance applications with a single code base that can be able to run on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Web

2. The widget library in Flutter makes it easy to customize easily and also quickly.

3. It comes up with a unique and also valuable feature known as a hot reload, it allows the developer to notice the changes in real-time immediately without reloading. It helps in improving performance.

4. It saves time as well as cost due to the single codebase structure.

Development phases

Here’re the steps to develop your on-demand app with Uber for X solutions like Cabify clone app by the following mentioned steps.

Phase 1: Storyboard

The first phase in the process of development starts hers. After conducting the deep research, the workflow of the whole process will be planned as per the client’s vision.

Phase 2: Design

Designing your ideas seamlessly by formulating the wireframing, UI/UX designs according to the requirement.

Phase 3: Development

After the successful completion of designing, it’s time for the process of development with the integration of all necessary features and also functionalities.

Phase 4: Testing

The testing team does various stages of testing to give a bug-free product before deployment.

Phase 5: Deployment

The app is ready to launch in both AppStore and also PlayStore.

Features to be added

The most important step to develop an on-demand Uber for X is to select the right set of features. Features serve as the most vital part and also gonna define you in the market how unique you are.

But Selecting the right set of features for your on-demand applications is the trickiest part ever. Before choosing the set of features, you should be clear in identifying the objectives and also how they will be beneficial for the user.

Listing some of the features most useful for your Uber for X business,

  • Live tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Multi-payment options
  • Promo code
  • Rating and review

How to build your own Uber for X script?

Want to develop an Uber for X solution? Then get our perfect solution to launch your business faster into the market.

Wooberly — Uber clone is the perfect fit for entrepreneurs who are ready to build their on-demand business with the latest technology, and also unique features without spending more time and also cost.

How Wooberly would be beneficial?

Easily customizable

It is 100% customizable and you can tailor the solution to the exact needs and also the requirements of your business.

Single code base

Wooberly is built with Flutter that allows developers to build applications for all platforms – Android and iOS platforms – from a single code base. It increases app performance and also saves development time as well as cost.

Stunning UI

The UI design will be more catchy that attracts and also engages the users to stay on your site.

Quick to build your platform

Wooberly has all the main features that help in launching your own on-demand platform quickly.


Hopefully, this post gave you detailed knowledge regarding the Uber for X solutions. Whether it may be ordering food, groceries, booking services like laundry, tutor, handyman beauty, tow truck, home services, and so on, people are finding it cheaper, convenient, and also easier too.

If you got an idea to start your on-demand business using any of the above said Uber-like on-demand solutions? We are here to assist you in launching your on-demand business ideas with our top-notch Uber for X script.

Connect with us at [email protected] to get exact on demand app solutions for your business venture.

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