Uber for Grocery Delivery App: Insights about On-Demand Grocery Business

November 26, 2020

By Max Quinn

Today entrepreneurs are coming up with business ideas that solve the users’ problem. The on-demand grocery delivery app is one such business idea that helps users to book groceries anytime and anywhere and get it delivered at home. 

Entrepreneurs can run the business by creating mobile apps for customers and delivery partners, and a web panel for the grocery stores. The technology enables entrepreneurs to run their business automatically. 

In this blog, let’s know more about Uber for grocery delivery app. 

Let’s dig in. 

Target customers

Before knowing more about the app, let’s understand the potential target customers for Uber for grocery delivery business. 

Target customers are the potential customer groups the company aims to sell their service. In on-demand grocery delivery business, the potential customers are: 

Working people The app is helpful for men and women who are working hard at work and don’t have time to buy essentials. The app will make it easy to order online and delivered to home. 

Old people Old people are confined in their homes and sometimes don’t have help to buy groceries. Uber for grocery delivery apps can help them order groceries online and be delivered to their home. 

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Advantages of Uber for grocery delivery app

Save Time – The app allows customers to save their time by ordering groceries through the app. 

Presents a business opportunity to local stores – It gives opportunities to local stores to expand their service online. This boosts their revenue and improves awareness of the store. 

Local grocery brands get recognition – The local grocery brands who are trying to find their customers can feature their business on the app. The platform brings brand awareness to the customers and people may prefer buying it if the reviews are positive. 

Important factors for a successful on-demand grocery delivery business

Balancing the supply and demand

Supply and demand are crucial when it comes to running a business. If there are enough suppliers on the platform, the customer will sign-up into the app, and be interested to browse different grocery stores. 

The higher the number of grocery stores on the platform, the higher the customer will engage on your platform. 

A good advertisement about your on-demand grocery delivery business can bring more suppliers to the platform. 

A robust app 

The app should be robust, user-friendly, and should offer a rich user experience. A user-friendly app helps customers to stay longer on the platform and creates trust to use the app.  

Also, the ideal loading time of the app is about two seconds. So, ensure the app doesn’t take longer time to load. 

Learning through customer feedbacks 

A business always grows better when the entrepreneurs begin to identify the customer’s difficulties and problems they face. It can be improving the customer experience in your Uber for grocery delivery app, enhancing your delivery process, or giving quality good items.  

Feedbacks help business owners in understanding the customer pain points and find the right solution to the problems they face.

Business model of on-demand grocery delivery platform

The on-demand grocery delivery platform comes with mobile apps for customers and drivers, web panel for the grocery store owner and an admin panel for the platform owner. 

Here is how the customer app works:

1. Customers select the groceries they need from a store and add them to the cart. 

2. They make the order and pay for it. 

3. The delivery partner delivers the grocery from the store to the customer home or their mentioned location. 

Here is how the driver app works:

1. The driver receives a  delivery request. They can accept or decline the delivery requests based on their availability. 

2. If the driver accepts the delivery request, they receive the address of the store. The driver can use google map to navigate to the store. 

3. They pick the order from the store and deliver it to the customer address. 

4. If the driver rejects the request, the delivery request is reassigned to other drivers who are near the store location. 

Here is how grocery store use the web panel:

1. The grocery store owner receives a booking request from the customer. 

2. The store can accept or decline the request based on the availability of groceries.

3. If the grocery store accepts the request, they make the order ready for the driver to pick-up for delivery. 

4. If the grocery store declines the request, the user is notified that the order has been canceled along with the cancellation reason. 

Here is how platform owner uses the admin panel

Through a streamlined web panel, the customer can view and manage all the operations that happen on the platform. 

1. They can view and manage all the information of the customer, driver, and the grocery store owner. 

2. The owner can add, or edit the content on the platform. 

3. They can view and manage all the reservations that happen on the platform. 

4. The owner can provide new offers to their customers by adding promo codes in the admin panel. 

5. The platform owner can set service fees for customers, delivery partners and the grocery store owners. 

Revenue Model of on-demand grocery delivery platform

The platform charges a service fee as a percentage for each order that happens on the platform. The platform owner charges a service fee from the customer, grocery store, and the driver. 

How to create an on-demand grocery delivery app

If you want to build your on-demand grocery delivery app for your business, you have two options: 

1. Have an in-house development team

2. Approach a tech company who will build the app for you

Assembling an in-house development team takes time and costs more. You need to hire developers to build your platform and take care of the overhead costs. 

The tech company has an expertised team who have experience in building on-demand apps. Some have a ready-made on-demand grocery delivery app that is completely customizable. 

For instance, we have WooberlyEats – an Uber for grocery delivery app solution. It is a white-label solution that sets entrepreneurs to launch their business in a short time. 

The solution we have is different compared to others in the market from its technology. We have built our solution using Flutter technology that enables us to develop visually stunning mobile applications. The solution is powered by GraphQL API that gives optimal app performance.   

Make a choice

We have seen budding entrepreneurs with their unique business idea. And we brought many of their dreams to reality by developing a customized platform suiting their customers. 

It’s time to make your dream come true. 

Find more about – WooberlyEats  on our product page. To inquire about pricing and other technical details, you can mail us at [email protected].

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