Right now, you must be seeking out a solution to improve your vacation rental bookings. A solution not only works for a short time but also adds brand value to your business. 

Here in this blog post, we discuss the top ten tips you can overlook that might suit your business. The tips offered are from a technology and business standpoint. 

1. Website loading speed

According to the stats by Blue corona, 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Also, they found out that the average load time of the top ranking websites in Google is under three seconds. 

If your vacation rental website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the customers might abandon your website and look for other alternative services. The bookings can get less if this problem continues to persist. 

It also makes it difficult to convince your customers to re-visit the website after the problem is resolved. 

The solution is to update your website to new technology. Latest technology helps in building the marketplace platform as robust and faster.

That’s why we preferred React.js and GraphQL technology to build RentALL, to make the webpage load faster and efficiently function.

RentALL is a readymade and customizable Airbnb clone solution for entrepreneurs who want to build a vacation rental website/app for their business.  We designed the product helping to improve the overall aspects of an online business.

2. Wishlist 

Wishlist is a personalized collection of the preferred vacation homes created by the user. The wishlist helps users to save browsing time when booking a property for rental or to rent it when the price drops. 

To improve your vacation rental bookings, a wishlist helps users in remembering the properties they liked and be a useful reference for a future booking. 

Knowing the value of wishlist to the business, we added this feature in our RentALL that works seamlessly for renters. 

3. SEO of the website 

SEO can help small businesses to rank their webpages higher on the search results. 

To successfully run a vacation rental business online, SEO is important for your website to maximize your visitors count. 

The SEO includes deciding the page layout, content, setting the meta description and title for the web page, setting appropriate alt text for the images, and deciding the URL for the website. 

RentALL offers SEO-friendly URLs and produces a dynamic sitemap of the website. 

4. Positive reviews 

Positive reviews play a huge role in deciding the trust of a business. 

According to the stats from Testimonial Engine, 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews. 

It’s true. Before we book any product or service online, we rely on reviews to know about the quality of the service and how the business functions. 

A positive review can boost the conversation rate on the platform. If the business owner posts a positive review of the property featured on the website, it creates trust in the customer’s mind and makes them take action to book a rental. 

For these reasons, the admin review feature in RentALL helps the business owners to build trust among customers in understanding the properties by posting a positive review on the site. 

5. Multiple payment option

Sometimes, customers like to have many options to choose their mode of payment. It is because people have a specific preference on how to make the payment that seems convenient and secure to them. Some users prefer to pay by cash while others want to pay seamlessly by credit card or through payment gateways. 

There are events where users quit in the middle of the booking process when they don’t see their preferred mode of payment. Thus, the business loses a valuable customer from the platform at the close of conversion. 

Offering multiple payment options helps cover a wide range of audience to the platform. It also significantly improves your vacation rental bookings. 

When building a website, make sure it is designed with multiple payment options and is integrated with famous payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to cover more audience. 

If you look at our RentALL platform, we have provided multiple payment options for renters to pay in their own convenient and secure way. 

6. Create more content

Content plays a huge role in the ranking of the website in the search engine results. A readable and easy-breezy content can help the website to rank better on the search engine. Also, simple and readable content helps users in understanding the brand, the service they offer, and how to use the website. 

Google and other search engines have bots that crawl websites every once in a while to give an optimized search result to users. They crawl content that is unique and informative to the user query. 

Post blogs that are informative and help users in planning their vacation and deciding their bucket list. Blogs help in attracting travelers and adventurers who have an affinity to explore different places. It can also help in generating traffic to the website and brings customers of a wide audience. This enables your website to reach a global audience and brings a wide awareness of the brand. 

To support business owners in generating traffic to their website, we implemented a content management system in our RentALL that can be used to create new web pages, add new content and manage existing content on the website. 

7. Uploading high-definition pictures of properties 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Customers usually trust in renting a property after seeing enough photos on the website. 

High-definition photos of property help in improving your vacation rental bookings. The aesthetics of the property captured as a picture will attract more users to the platform. 

Sometimes the website speed slows down due to the large image size of the high-definition pictures. To avoid such a situation, we have introduced automatic image compression in RentALL. 

Property owners can upload high-definition pictures of their property to attract users and book a rental.

8. Discounts

We know discounts bring joy to the customer’s face. Discounts would help a business in increasing customer engagement and conversion as well.  

Offering discounts during the right season or festival time increases the conversion rate. The peak season differs for each city and country. If your city is near the coastal region, the peak season is during summer or spring. If you run your vacation rental business near mountains or snowy regions, you would receive more booking requests during winter. 

So, research your area and strategize your discount timing.

9. Marketing 

Marketing plays a crucial role in creating awareness of the business. 

In today’s times, the business markets their service both online and offline mediums to target the millennials and Gen Z. 

Social media marketing is done to attract today’s Millennials. The list of famous social media sites is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc. Companies create their official business handle on these sites and focus on gaining more followers to their page. They post content that is informative, funny, or motivational that relates to the vibe of the target audience. 

Social media also helps companies to market directly to customers and make an announcement or news spread faster. 

Also, marketing the service in traditional mediums like television, radio, banner posters grabs the attention of Gen Z audiences who don’t use the internet often. 

10. Pricing your rental  

Pricing plays a key role in improving your vacation rental bookings. You need to set the right price to fetch profits from your business. 

Setting a low price can incur a loss and makes it difficult to continue your business. Overpricing can also hinder bookings and soon losing the customers count. 

Set your commission fee where it helps both the property owners and customers gain profit from your platform. In the long run, pricing plays an essential role in the growth of the business.

Wrapping up

I hope this blog is useful in picking your strategies to improve your vacation rental bookings.
For more information on our RentALL product or how to build a website like Airbnb, you can view our product page. Feel free to try our demo and contact us for any questions at support@radicalstart.com.


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