When you are thinking about investing in car parking app development, the first thing you need to know is how the app works, the main features to include in the app, and the phases of development.

Let’s find out in this blog everything you need to know before developing an app for parking.

How do car parking apps work?

The car parking app connects space owners and users. The space owners list their parking spots on the app. The users look for the rentable parking spot to book it.

1. The users search for the spot by entering the location and the time.
2. The app lists down the rentable spots to the search.
3. The user applies filters to narrow down the search results.
4. The user chooses the spot which is safe and best. They send the booking request to the spot owner and pay for the spot.
5. The space owner gets notified by the booking request and accepts it.
6. The booking gets confirmed.
7. The user uses the parking spot on the booked hour.
8. After the user checks out, the space owner gets their pay.

Essential features of the car parking app

The Airbnb for parking app involves space owners, users, and the business owner who brings together the driver and space owner in a platform. Let’s see the essential features required for users, space owners, and admin.

For User

1. Search filter

The search filter allows the users to find their suitable parking space that is safe, affordable, and convenient to park the vehicle. The driver can filter based upon price, location, and distance.

2. Wishlist

Wishlist allows users to bookmark a parking spot for the future booking process.

3. Review and rate the space owner

The user can review the space owner based on their parking experience.

4. Message

The user can message the space owner to ask any questions or communicate any information regarding booking and payment.

5. Document verification

Document verification allows drivers to verify their identity by uploading pictures of their IDs. A verified user builds trust among different users on the platform.

For space owner

1. Seasonal pricing

The space owner can change the price according to the low and high demands of the market. All they need to do is select the peak or seasonal dates and set the pricing.

2. iCal integration

The space owner can import their booking information from the parking app and sync them to their calendar. This allows owners to view the booking details anywhere.

3. Space listing

The space owner can list their space by adding pictures, setting cancellation policies, and other details of the parking lot.

4. Adding payout

Space owners can add payout options to receive their share of money for renting their space. They can add payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, or credit, and debit card details.

5. Review and rate user

The space owner can review and rate the user based upon their experience with them.

Admin – Platform owners

1. Manage Reservations

Admin can oversee all the reservations happening on the platform.

2. Manage Users

Admin manages the users and space owners’ information from their dashboard. They can edit the details of a user or space owners, and also has the authority to ban or delete them from the platform.

3. Manage the service fee for users and space owners

Admin can set a service fee for both users and space owners in the dashboard.

4. Reviews Management

Admin can manage the reviews given by both the driver and space owner to each other after the service.

5. Manage Payout

Admin manages the payout that happens on the platform. Admin can hold the payment to the space owner if they receive a low rating from the user.

Steps to develop an App for Parking

You got the idea of the app, but you might be struggling to bring it in real-time.

Here is the 5 step process for parking app development.

Step 1: Gather requirements

Understand the customer requirements from the app. Ask yourself, ‘Why do they have to choose your app?’, ‘How does this app make their life easier?’, and ‘Is the parking app/website super easy to access?’. If you have answers to all these questions, you can pretty much understand the customer pain points.

List out the requirements and assign the priority status – High, Medium, and Low.

Step 2: Determine the features, technology, and flow of the parking app

From the requirements, you gather the necessary features and the workflow of the app, giving us the whole picture of the app before stepping into the parking app development process.

Also, pick the right technology for the development. You need to decide the technology for the front-end, back-end, and the database.

Step 3: Start the parking app development process

After getting the features and workflow of the Airbnb for parking app, the development process begins. Each functionality is assigned to a developer and coded as per the given requirements.

Step 4: Test the product

After developing the product, the quality assurance team tests the source code using various testing techniques such as functional testing, UX testing, smoke testing, etc. Testing unveils bugs and any glitches that bring down the performance of the app. Developers take care of the issues if any errors arise in the app.

Step 5: Launch into the market

After months of parking app development and testing, you can finally launch the app successfully into the market.

RentALL – Enables entrepreneurs to build a parking app

RentALL is a customizable and ready-made Airbnb clone script that sets entrepreneurs and startup owners to launch their rental marketplace platform quickly into the market.

To develop an Airbnb inspired parking app, RentALL is your solution.

It is:

1. Fully-featured to develop the Minimum Viable Product
2. 100% customizable
3. Scalable
4. Get the complete source code as well.

It benefits platform owners to:

1. Manage all the users from a simple dashboard
2. Oversee all the reservations and transactions that happen day-to-day.
3. Add new page or content in the app

The host can easily list their space on the web or mobile. Guests feel convenient in booking a parking spot and paying it quickly through the platform.

Key players in the car parking app market

Here are the top 3 companies that follow suit of the Airbnb business model.

1. ParkStash – It is a peer-to-peer app that connects the users to local residents who are ready to rent their parking spots.

2. SpotHero – The company was founded in Chicago by Mark Lawrence and Jeremy Smith in 2011. It is a peer to peer parking marketplace where people could rent their private parking area to make money. Now, the platform has grown and extended its service to other cities as well.

3. SpotAngels – It first started in San Francisco in 2014 to help drivers find parking. The application shows all the available free parking spots and parking garages in the city. Soon, the service expanded to other cities as well.


As there has been an increase in the number of operating cars in the US, it eventually leads to an increase in traffic congestion.

Using private parking spaces and garages can solve the parking problems in a community. The car parking apps help in pre-booking space and also allow people to know the available parking spot from a single app.

I hope this blog is useful and inspires you to build an Airbnb for parking app for your business.

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