How to create a perfect on-demand beauty services app?

December 23, 2020

By Max Quinn

Do you have an idea to build an on-demand beauty service app but confused about taking the next step?

Well, then this blog is for you.

Building a mobile app is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, an understanding of the current market, and a good plan to start your business.

After establishing clear goals for your business, you take the next step in building an on-demand beauty service app.

So, let’s dig deeper to know everything about on-demand beauty app development.

Target customers

Before we know about the development, let’s analyze the potential customers for the on-demand beauty service business.

The target customers are predominantly women and a small portion of men.

Also includes these customer groups:-

1. Makeup aficionado – Women or men who want to experiment with different fashion styles will find the service to be helpful.

2. Working men and women – People who have a busy lifestyle, unable to do basic makeup can feel lucky with the on-demand beauty service that gives easy access to a professional in a minute.

3. Wedding or during special occasions – We all want to look great at a friend’s wedding or a special event at work. But, sometimes we don’t have time to go to the salon to prepare ourselves. In these instances, these apps come to our rescue to book a professional makeup artist.

How does on-demand beauty service apps work?

The customer sign into the app. They simply choose the service, type their location and request a beauty professional.

The beauty or salon professional, who are near the location, receive a booking request from the customer. The beauty professional can either accept or decline the request depending upon their availability. If they accept the booking request, the customer receives all the info about the beauty professional and their current status. Likewise, the beautician receives information about the customer.

The professional reaches the mentioned location, provides service to the customer, and receives their payment at the end of the service.

Both the beauty professional and customer rate their experience.

How do you generate revenue from an on-demand beauty service app?

The platform owners charge a commission fee for each transaction that happens on the platform as a percentage. The owner charges the service fee from beauty professionals and customers.

Other than the service fee, the owner can charge a base fee for using the platform.

Key features to include in on-demand beauty app development

The on-demand beauty platform comes with two mobile apps – user app and beautician app and an admin panel for the platform owners.

Basic features you need to add to customer’s app

  1. Simple & easy registration – A simple and easy registration process allows customers to begin using the app immediately.
  2. Multiple payment options – Provide multiple payment options – like cash, credit/debit card, and wallet – to allow customers to choose their convenient mode of payment.
  3. Multi-language and currency – Enable customers to choose their preferred language and currency.
  4. Past and current booking details – A tab to view and manage all the past and current booking details.
  5. Fare estimation – Include the option to estimate the fare of a beauty service before booking.
  6. Incall options – Make customers call their beautician to communicate their needs and their address.
  7. Rating – Enable customers to rate their booked service to share their feedback.
  8. Push notifications – Let customers receive push notifications on the status of a booking.
  9. Tip for service – Allow customers to tip their beautician for the service.
  10. Secure payment transaction – Let customers transfer payments securely with Stripe SCA.

Essential features in the beautician app are:

  1. Easy sign-up process – An easy sign-up process allows beauticians to use the app in a minute.
  2. Account setting – In this option, it contains all the personal information of the beautician like name, phone number, email id, and current password.
  3. Document verification – An identity verification process is crucial to avoid fake users on the platform.
  4. Multi-Currency and language – Allow beautician to choose their language and currency
  5. Past and current booking – Easily manage past and current booking details.
  6. Status Availability – Switch to online/offline status by a toggle button
  7. Push notifications – Notifies information about any new bookings or the current status of a booking. Push notification also help in engaging customers to your platform.
  8. In-call option – Enable beautician to contact customers to know their address or communicate anything else.
  9. Google map navigation – Navigate to the customer’s location using Google map.
  10. Earnings Report – Let beauticians view earnings they made on the platform.

Crucial features to include in the admin panel

The platform owner has a simplified admin panel to oversee and manage all the business operations.

Through the dashboard, they can:-

  1. Manage customers and beauty professionals – The owner can manage the information of the customer and beauty professionals in this section.
  2. View reservations happen on the platform – The owner can view the reservations happen on the platform and can know detailed information about each reservation.
  3. View earnings – The owner can view earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis they made from the business on their dashboard.
  4. Manage offered service – The owner can add the types of service the platform wants to offer in this section.
  5. Manage service fee – The owner can set a service fee for each offered service.
  6. Ratings – The owner can view the ratings given by the customer and beauty professional to each other.
  7. Manage Promo Code – The owner can add a new promo code to their customers or edit the action of the existing ones by changing the price, expiry date, or description.
  8. Manage Notifications – The owner can send a push notification to the customers, beauty professional, or to both.
  9. Currency Management – The owner can enable or disable the currency they want to keep on the platform.
  10. Content Management – The platform owner can add or edit the content that is present on the website.

Cost of building an Uber for beauty app

The cost of building an Uber for beauty app depends upon factors such as the features set, tech stack, and working hours of developers and engineers.

You can either develop the platform from scratch or build your platform on top of the existing readymade script. The former option takes more time compared to the latter.

If you prefer to build on top of the readymade script, consider Wooberly – a completely customizable on-demand solution that takes a short time to launch your platform into the market.

Other than the mentioned benefits,

  • The script is built with Flutter technology
  • Your get 100% source code
  • A complete white-label solution
  • A script that suits business of all size
  • Enclosed with all core features

We preferred Flutter to develop on-demand apps because of the customizable widgets and single codebase.

So, what are you waiting for?

Now, as you are aware of all the essential information to building a great on-demand beauty service app, it’s time to bring your business idea into reality.

If you want to build your on-demand beauty service app with us, let us know your business idea at [email protected].

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