Menulog Clone: A quick guide to build a Menulog like food delivery app platform

March 10, 2021

By Keerthana

Have an idea about Menulog? If not, then continue reading this post.

Menulog is an Australian-based online food delivery service that started its journey in 2006. It is a popular food delivery services app and the growth has been increased in recent years. Hence, this tremendous growth attracted most of the startups and business owners.

Are you willing to be a part of a food delivery business like Menulog? But, puzzled about creating your menulog like food delivery apps?

We have got you covered. This blog covers all the aspects to consider before starting your development process.

This blog covers you with,

  • What is Menulog clone?
  • Few stats to know about the food delivery market
  • Factors responsible for the growth of on-demand food delivery app like Menulog
  • Steps to know before starting your development process
  • A readymade solution to launch your food delivery business
  • What makes the primary reason to choose WooberlyEats?

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What is Menulog clone?

Menulog clone is a customizable food delivery app solution and replica of the menulog app that allows entrepreneurs to begin their food delivery business. It allows the customers to place their food orders and get their orders right at their doorstep.

Few stats to know about Menulog:

  • Menulog generated revenue of $28 million per year
  • It has nearly 2.7 active users with over 20, 000 restaurants.

Factors responsible for the growth of on-demand food delivery app like Menulog:

Listed below the reason for the rising demand for Menulog like food delivery apps,

  • Sustainable business and revenue model
  • Great ROI
  • Seamless user experience
  • Easily accessible across the globe

Steps to consider while creating a food delivery apps like Menulog:

  • Watch out for the latest trends
  • Choose the suitable revenue model
  • Decide the features
  • Choose the right tech stack
  • Hire tech experts

1. Watch out for the latest trends:

Food delivery apps like Menulog are booming in recent days. Hence it has a high level of competency. To stand apart from the competition, it is most important to market research the latest trends in the food delivery industry.

2. Choose a suitable business and revenue model:

Choosing the right revenue model will help gain traction in the market and also efficiently scalable. The most sustainable revenue model that suits on-demand food delivery is commission-based.

In this model, the admin will get a certain percentage of commission for every order placed on the app.

The commission fee might be either a flat fee or a distance fee. The distance-based fee is adjustable based on the distance. The flat fee is a fixed fee that remains constant for every order placed.

3. Select the right set of features:

Features are a major aspect while developing a food delivery app like Menulog. Listed below are the set of features that need to be included in the food delivery app,

Track orders: Eaters can track their orders along with the driver’s location.

Multipayment options: Eaters can pay for their orders via multipayment options available. The multiple options include cash, card, or wallet.

Payout: Delivery partners can add multiple numbers of bank accounts and can set anyone as their default payouts. They receive their earnings via the chosen payouts.

Transaction management: The restaurant users can manage the overall transactions as future and also completed transactions done on the platform.

Manage service fee: Admin can manage the service fee for restaurant, delivery partner, and also Eater.

4. Choose the right tech stack:

Choosing the right tech stack for developing food delivery apps like Menulog will benefit you in many ways.

The technology that suits food delivery apps is Flutter. Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform development tool that helps build scalable, high-quality mobile applications by using a single code base. Flutter offers many benefits includes,

  • Faster time to market
  • Increase the app performance
  • Provides security
  • Easily scalable
  • Affordable development cost

5. Hire an expert team:

After considering all the essentials, it is most important to hire a team that is expertise in developing food delivery apps like Menulog. Apart from that, building an app from scratch will cost you higher than building it using a readymade solution.

You can easily opt for customizable ready-made solutions like WooberlyEats.

Ready to build your food delivery app like Menulog with WooberlyEats:

WooberlyEats a customizable Menulog clone script that helps entrepreneurs to set up their food delivery business instantly. It easily caters to all your food delivery needs and also helps to manage all your business processes.

What makes the prime reason to choose WooberlyEats?

It offers many advantages includes,

  • 100% customizable
  • Complete source code available
  • Free app submission in both Play Store and App store
  • Support even after app rejection
  • Complete white label solution
  • Suitable to the business of any sizes


Hopefully! you had some better knowledge of building your on-demand food delivery apps. So, get started to create your food delivery apps without any further delay!

Still, have any queries? If so, get your queries resolved by contacting us via mail or Whatsapp.

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