How owning a car parking booking script could be a business opportunity?

March 27, 2021

By Saaradha Thilagam S

The number of vehicle owners are rising, and so are the parking tickets given by the police department. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to solve this problem by increasing parking spaces in the country.

This could be a potential business opportunity for all the budding entrepreneurs. All you have to do is, think about owning a car parking booking script as a marketplace owner. Why? To connect the parking space owners and the vehicle owners in your platform.

Read through to know more about the business model, the features that you could include in your marketplace, and the revenue model of the car parking rental software.

Who would be the people involved in this online booking system for car parking

  • Car/ Vehicle owner: The person who is looking for a space to park his car for a specific period of time is the end-user of this car park booking system.
  • Space Owner: Anyone who owns a vehicle parkable space can list their space by giving clear details on the parking space, availability, price ranges, etc
  • Admin (Marketplace owner): You will be the owner of the marketplace monitoring the functionality of users, you will be sorting out any issues and handling the payout for the space owner.

Car Parking Booking Script installment includes the following:

These are the installments that you should be expecting from the marketplace app development company that you choose to do business with.

  1. User web panel. (Space owner/ Customer)
  2. User App.
  3. Admin panel.

Revenue Model in which the Car park booking system functions:

The revenue model for the car parking booking system could be commission-based. As the marketplace owner, you’ll be receiving a commission from the space owner and the customer in the name of the service fee and as booking fee respectively, for each booking that takes place on your car parking booking marketplace.

Space Owner based features:

1. Multiple options to sign-in:

Allowing your users to sign-in using multiple login options could be thoughtful. They could use their google account, social account, or other basic information to log in. It could increase the chance of them registering into your portal.

2. SMS verification:

SMS verification is used to ensure the user’s contact information’s validity. A One-Time Password (OTP) could be sent to the registered phone number which could authenticate the users.

3. Manage Space Availability:

The Parking Space owners will be setting the options if the space is rentable at a specific hour on specific days while making their space listing.

4. Set Unique Pricing:

The space owner could be giving discount prices if the space is rented for more than 8 hours. And also the space owner could set pricing according to the space type.

5. Payout Method:

The space owner can receive their payout amount through their bank account or Paypal account, whichever is feasible to receive their earnings.

Customer-based features:

1. Wishlist:

If the customer wants to keep the space reserved they could wishlist it and rent it later according to their future booking preferences.

2. Payment methods:

The customer can make their payment via their debit/credit cards or Paypal account. This could increase the bookings as there is an ease of making payment.

3. In-app Message:

The customer can contact the space owner even before they plan on renting the space, just to enquire about the space, pricing, and other facilities if necessary.

4. Advanced Filters:

The filter-based searching helps the customers with appropriate search results and enhances the user experience while booking a parking space. Filter based on the type of space, price ranges, availability (time and date), number of attendees, and amenities could also increase the chance of finding the customer’s right fit.

5. Instant Booking:

Instant booking could be included for the customer to book the parking space instantaneously without waiting for the space owner’s approval before renting it out. And don’t forget, it makes the booking experience more comfortable.

Features in Admin Panel:

It is important to know the features that an admin must possess as you will be the one controlling and managing both the users, looking out for managerial issues and such.

1. Manage all the users:

You as the admin of the marketplace will be in control of both the space owner and the customer. You can access their login information, listing details, payment details, booking details, and such. Admin panel’s functionality is to supervise the end-to-end business operations.

2. Review Management:

The admin can give reviews to the spaces and could also monitor the ratings and reviews given by the space owner and the customer to each other respectively. This feature is to ensure that the reviews given are legitimate and accountable.

3. Manage Reservation:

Admin can manage the reservation of the space. The admin can look into the dates that the space is booked, service fee, payout amount, booking type, and most importantly, whether the customer is eligible for the refund or not.

List of Key Players in the market :

These are some of the leading market players to take inspiration from for your Airbnb for car parking business.

  • SpotHero:

SpotHero is a US-based marketplace platform from Chicago. It helps in listing parking lots and garages for customers to drive-in to the listing locations. Customers could make bookings via the web panel as well as the mobile apps (Both iOS and Android).

  • Just Park:

JustPark is a London-based company with a web panel and mobile app marketplace platform that connects drivers to the unused private parking spaces listed by the owners of the space for rent. Parkatmyhouse was founded in 2006 and was rebranded as JustPark. The customers can look for, reserve, and navigate to available parking within the existing listed locations.

  • Akippa:

Akippa is a Japan-based online peer-to-peer parking space marketplace where the parking space owners can list their spaces for rent and reach out to customers who are in need of a parking space within a specific location and available timings.

These are some parking space marketplace to look up to and we are proud to introduce you to RentALL Space. A 100% customizable marketplace we make it possible for you to own your car parking booking rental business!

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