How to Create a Successful Rental Business with HomeAway Clone?

December 29, 2020

By Max Quinn

Rental businesses need an online platform to reach and engage their customers about the excellent service they offer. The platform not only helps in gaining more users but also helps in building a brand image.

To make that happen, solutions like HomeAway clone enables entrepreneurs like you to set up a functional rental platform in a short time. It also helps in retaining customers on the platform and easy administration of all the rental operations.

So, let’s know more about the HomeAway clone solution in this blog.

So, what is actually a HomeAway clone script?

HomeAway clone is a customizable and ready-made vacation rental script for entrepreneurs that lets them launch their business quickly into the market. The script is full-featured which simplifies your business management and automates all your rental operations.

How does it benefit entrepreneurs?

Other than automating whole rental operations, the HomeAway clone script offers huge advantage such as:

  1. Simple to customize: The script is simple to customize for any business requirements, be it adding a new functionality or changing the existing functionality suiting your business model.
  2. Faster time-to-market: As the script is a readymade-solution, it takes less hours to launch the online platform to your target audience.
  3. 100% source code: You have the complete source code in your hand, when you acquire our script.
  4. A white label solution: The script can be rebranded to your business.
  5. Scalable: As the business grows with the addition of new users and services, the script is designed to be scalable that doesn’t limit your business in any way.
  6. Multi-language: Reach your customers from different parts of the world by using the multi-language feature.

How does the HomeAway clone script function?

The script functions like the Airbnb business model.

For travelers, here’s how the platform works:

  • The customer searches for the perfect listing on the marketplace platform. If they like a listing, that is suiting their needs and comfort, they choose the  day and time and make a booking.
  • The property owner receives the booking request from the customer and confirms the request.
  • The traveler arrives, stays on the booked dates and checks-out the place. They post a review on the platform sharing their staying experience that can be helpful for other fellow travellers.

Now, here’s how the platform works for property owners:

People who own an underutilized private property list them on the platform. They upload high-quality images and helpful descriptions of their property.

After publishing the listing, they receive a booking request from the customer. The owner views the customer details and decides whether to confirm the booking based on the reviews received to the customer.

After traveler checks-out, they post a review about their renting experience and the behaviour of the traveler on the platform.

The property owner receives their payment after the traveller checks out from the place.

The revenue model of HomeAway clone script

The revenue model is how the platform intends to make money from its service. There are different types of revenue models. But, the most commonly used revenue model by online marketplaces is the commission-based revenue model.

Depending upon your business goal and competition, charge a commission for each transaction that happens between your property owners and customers. The commission can be charged either as a fixed price or percentage.

Key functionalities in HomeAway clone platform

When you run your business, you are accountable for managing reservations, transactions, reviews, and listings on the platform. Also, your website has to promise a seamless customer experience to your customers and property owners.

It is a lot to handle at one time, but you can run your business smoothly if your platform has all the key functionalities.

An online rental marketplace platform comes with an admin panel to handle all your business operations and a website for the property owners and customers to seamlessly interact with each other.

So, here are the must-have features for managing your business:

1. Manage customers and property owners – It is important to know the number of customers and property owners signed up on the platform to balance supply and demand. This feature helps in organizing all the user’s information and making it easily searchable.

2. Manage Service Fee – Earn revenue from your online platform by setting a service fee as fixed or percentage when customers and property owners use the platform.

3. Manage your website settings – The platform enables you to manage your website brand by controlling the logo, site name, site contact information, social media links, etc.

4. CMS – You can add a new webpage on their site and can also edit the content on the existing webpages through a content management system. The CMS feature helps in driving user traffic to the website.

5. Auto Payout – The auto payout feature automatically transfers the payout to the property owner after 24 hours of reservation.

6. Reviews Auditing – Manage the reviews given by customers and property owners to each other. These reviews will be helpful for future customers to book a property for rental.

Features to include for your customers:

1. Wishlist – The Wishlist helps customers to favorite a listing for future booking reference.

2. Multiple payment methods – Having multiple payment methods help users to choose their convenient payout option for booking.

3. Messaging – The messaging feature helps customers and property owners to communicate details about the booking or know more about the property.

4. Search filters – Customers can find their desired listing quickly by applying search filters.

5. Secure payment transaction – Providing a secure payment transaction on your platform builds trust among customers to further continue using it.

6. SMS Verification – Customers have to verify their phone number by SMS verification to authenticate their identity.

Must-have features to include for Property owners:

1. Seasonal Pricing Calendar – Property owners can change the prices of their rental property according to the season or festival. They can set a low price during the off-season and set a profitable price when the demand is high.

2. iCal Integration – The iCal helps property owners to sync their booking details in other smartphone devices as well.

3. Request to book/instant book – The property owner can set their booking type of their property as an Instant book or ready to book. The instant book option allows customers to immediately book a rental without requesting the owner whereas, in the request to book scenario, the property owner receives a booking request from the customer.


To build a robust platform like the HomeAway clone, one should choose technologies that boost the performance of the app and make the platform scalable.

Prefer using React to build a high-performing platform and GraphQL to build a strong backup technology.


I hope this quick guide refreshes your thoughts on building a rental platform like HomeAway clone.

To build a platform like HomeAway, one needs to do proper research on the current market, technologies, and how to engage the customers online.

If you are interested in building a rental platform like HomeAway, you can prefer RentALL by first getting a copy of our script and customizing it suiting your rental business.

For more information, connect with us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to help you out.

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