Entrepreneurs struggle in choosing the right event booking software out of so many options available in the market for their event management business. The right software can let you efficiently oversee the event management business.

This blog highlights the foremost factors one must consider in choosing the right event booking software for their business.

Factors to consider before choosing the custom event booking software

1. Being customizable

When you need software for your event management business, it has to be customizable to tailor it to your business requirements.

For example, the cancellation policy is different for each company and is applied when the user cancels a booked event. If your business has a cancellation policy that differs from the programmed logic in the software, you need to customize it suiting to your business goals.

Like this, we can quote many examples where your business goals are a little different from the software you acquire.

Also, if you need to add a new feature to the existing software, it has to be compatible and error-free for further development.

So, make sure the software you choose is customizable for further development or any changes. 

2. Security concerns

Taking security measures is essential for the smooth functioning of an online business. The software you choose should have in-built measures to avoid any data breach and give a secure transaction process.

Embrace event booking software that has taken measures to provide secure payment transactions by using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and keeps user’s bank information safer. 

Also, choose the software that encrypts the user’s personal information such as the email id and phone number and spoof email ids as well.

3. Check software having all the core features

Choose the event booking software that has all the core features a business needs to function smoothly.

To do that, check the demo of the product before finalizing your decision. You must think like a customer while using the software and determine how convenient it is to use. 

With every feature you see, think whether

  • It helps/benefits the customers in any way
  • Adds a crucial value to the business

By seeing through all these factors, you can recognize the value of a feature to run a business.

4. Scalable

Through an online event booking website, you approach many customers who want to book an event quickly without much struggle.

Before you prefer a particular event booking software solution, ask whether the software can hold large users. With increasing user count, web traffic increases, which in turn, results in a decrease in software performance.

But, robust software keeps up with the performance at the same level, despite the addition of new users.

5. Availability of 100% source code

Most importantly, go for the software where 100% of the source code is provided to the buyer. Some companies offer only 80% or 70% of the source code of the software.

The 100% source code benefits business owners when they want to customize the software to their needs anytime.

RentALL Space – a perfect event booking software

RentALL Space is an coworking space software to manage your event booking business. It is highly customizable and scalable for any space booking business model.

RentALL Space ticks all the factors mentioned above, and you have to pay once to be the sole owner of the whole script.

Find out the features offered on the RentALL Space product page. If you have any technical queries, feel free to send us an email at support@radicalstart.com, and we will get back to you shortly.


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