5 reasons why CMS is essential for online rental business growth

January 4, 2021

By Max Quinn

The content management system is essential for the creation and modification of content present on the rental website. It is the business owners who take full control in managing the content for marketing purposes. With a content management system, they can easily upload photos and format the text to create visually presentable and readable content. Besides easy management of the content, it offers other benefits to the business owners.

In this blog, we discuss the various benefits of a content management system to the business owners for optimizing their rental website.

Rank better on the search engine

The content management system makes it effortless to add new content on the website for ranking better on the search engine. To do so, the business owner creates a new web page by giving a suitable page title, page URL, meta title, and meta description.

The business owner includes fresh content by weaving with the customer searched keywords. Adding keywords can help the search engine to match your website with the user’s searched keyword. By ranking higher on a search result, the website gets noticed by customers and increases sales.

Engage customers on the platform

Content is also a tool to persuade customers and captivate them to stay longer on the platform by interesting news and stories.

For instance, VRBO, a popular vacation rental website, posts content in the blog format about popular vacation rental destinations, and tips for choosing a perfect rental home. The content is not only interesting but also gives new information about booking a vacation rental home in a country. These types of content help travelers and tourists to be knowledgeable about booking accommodations.

Blogs are also a way to increase user traffic to your website.


Branding is the product/service name, logo, design, tagline, brand voice that is distinct from other competitors. It helps in identifying your rental service from other competitors. Branding your rental business increases the customer retention rate and generates more loyal customers to your business.

Add stories of how you started this rental business, the trust & safety measures taken to keep your customers safe, and terms & privacy policies that customers must abide by. Your company story can connect to the audience and be engaged in your brand image.

Using the content management system, you can add new content at any time, and edit the existing content quickly.

Online Newsroom

The online newsroom is a section of web pages dedicated to press releases, honor and awards, company events, the message from the CEO, or industry news.

For example, you can check out the newsroom of the Airbnb website. They post the latest news about the company, new policies they are going to introduce, stories of Host, and awards and honors received.

The content management system is ideal for managing an online newsroom on your rental website. It makes it easy to frequently update new information as well as edit and delete it.

Customer Service

Customer service is the support a company offers to the customer before, during, and after the service. The customer service includes information in FAQs, guides, how-to videos, and trust and safety measures your company takes.

FAQs is a list of commonly asked questions of customers like how to create a user account, explaining payment gateways and cancellation reasons. A guide is a book that gives you complete information about something or a set of instructions to do it a certain way. A guide benefits property owners in understanding how to market their property on the platform. How-to-videos can help customers to understand the working of the platform visually.

The content management system can be effective in managing the content in the help center section.

Tips to effectively use the content management system

1. Make importance to SEO

SEO is important to create visibility for your business. The more your website is easily searchable on the search engine, the higher your website traffic. With more organic traffic, the business generates loyal customers and introduces your business to quality leads. It almost takes zero cost in building organic traffic to your website.

SEO techniques include keyword research, creating high-quality content, and keyword optimization. Do thorough keyword research relating to your rental business. Include those keywords in the right places of the content to rank on the search engine.

Also, use keywords in meta title, meta description, page title, & page URL for easy indexing in search engines.

2. Use a standard content format

A standard content format is necessary to maintain your brand style. It can be using specific font size and font type and what type of content should you apply a heading(h1, h2), bold, italics, or underline tags.

Maintaining a content style assists in building your brand voice and also helps in creating a better user experience.

3. Create a simple user interface

Creating a simple user interface makes the content readable and provides a better user experience compared to using flashy or vibrant colors.

As customers use your rental website to book a rental or gain new information, the user interface has to be simple for easy navigation on the site.

Before building a rental website like Airbnb or HomeAway, research and design different user interfaces before finalizing the UI look.

Wrapping up

A content management system can help in ranking your website higher on the search engine, engaging your customers, building a brand, creating an online newsroom and customer service section.

I hope this blog made you realize the importance of the content management system.

If you have an exciting rental business idea, you can build a website for your business using our readymade script – RentALL. Drop us a message at [email protected]. We will reply to you shortly.

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