How to 10x your business growth with the best car rental software?

October 20, 2020

By Max Quinn

One of the profitable business ideas using the sharing economy concept is starting up a peer-to-peer car-sharing service. The car rental industry is evolving to give technology-enabled service, and present startups are setting up an online business for quickly getting users on-board. The car rental software makes it easier for users to rent a car. Other than bookings, the car rental software helps in the growth of the business.

Car rental software plays a critical role in the growth of the business. How? Let’s find out in this blog.

Business model of car rental business

The business model is designed before starting a business. The business model tells how the business should make revenue and how to deliver its service to the customers.

When it comes to running a car rental business through software, it has to be designed according to the business model.

Here is the business model of an online car rental business

The user gives the address and the trip dates. The car rental software lists all the cars that are available for rental on the selected trip date. The user chooses a car, sends a booking request to the car owner, and pays the rent fare.

The car owner reviews the request made by the user and either accepts or declines it. After the booking request gets accepted, the user rents the car for the given dates and returns it to the owner. Both the car owner and user review each other based on the renting experience. The owner gets their share of income after the rental period.

The business owner extracts a commission fee for each reservation.

How the best car rental software elevates business growth?

1. Increases customer engagement

As business runs through the app, the customer can rent the car anywhere at their convenience without visiting the store. The users can also search for their preferred car and save it in a wishlist for booking later.

The app increases customer engagement when compared to the brick-and-mortar business set.

2. Market directly to customers

The app allows business owners to directly market their service and new offers to the customers via the app. It is done by sending a push notification to all the users who installed the app on their smartphone.

3. Automates rental operations

The car rental software allows owners to automate all the rental operations such as the booking process, payment to the car owners, applying cancellation policy when the user cancels a reservation.

Owners have plenty of time to manage other aspects of the business, such as marketing, supply, and demand, etc.

4. Global access

As the car rental business runs online, anybody from around the world can access the website and can know about your business. It mainly helps tourists who want to pre-book a car for rental. The multi-language and multi-currency feature integrated into the car rental software makes it easy to target a large audience.

5. Reduce overhead cost

The car rental software reduces the overhead cost such as the office space, equipment used in the office, hiring people, etc. The software can help you establish your business in the market single-handedly.

Key features of the best car rental software

For Car owners

Seasonal Pricing Calendar

Car owners can maximize their income by setting a high price for their car rental when it is in high demand. They can also set a low price when demand is low.

iCal Integration – Export & Import

Owners can export and import their calendars across any platform and check the rental availability easily. This makes it easy to organize booking information and avoid overbookings.

Payout Preferences

Owners can add any number of payout methods to receive their share of income. They can add their bank account details or Paypal as a payout method.

For User

Advanced Search Filters

The user can find a car very quickly with many filters. They can filter the car based on the car model, features of the car, and rules to be followed while renting a car.


Wishlist feature in the car renting software encourages users to create their personalized list of cars they prefer for booking. So, when the time comes, they can easily access the list and book the car.

Google Maps Integration

Users can also find suitable listings via Google Maps and know the exact location of the car owners. Google Maps helps tourists for easy navigation through the streets.

Business owner

Reservation Management

The business owners can manage all the car reservations made on the platform. They can view reservation details, refund the money to guests of their canceled reservation, and transfer the payment to car owners after the end of each reservation.

Review Management

Business owners can manage all the reviews added by car owners and users. They can enable or disable the reviews if they found fake or completely irrelevant. They even have the option to edit the reviews.

Content Management System(CMS)

CMS helps business owners manage the static content on a webpage. They can add a new webpage or change the existing content on a page.

How to build a seamless and custom car rental software?

To build a customized car rental software suiting to requirements and business goals, prefer customizable best car rental software like RentALL Cars

With a 100% customizable and scalable platform like RentALL Cars, you can build a full-featured car rental software in a short time.

It is a ticket to effectively manage all the business operations in a single dashboard and streamline all the business process automatically. You gain optimal performance, secure payment transactions complying to PSD2, and a bug-free product.

Technologies used in RentALL Cars – Best Car Rental Software

To build car rental marketplace, you need to wisely choose the tech stack after deep research and getting opinions from experts. We highlighted the technologies we preferred in building RentALL Cars.


We built an interactive and independent user interface using React, a JavaScript library.


We used MySQL to store data of all the users that is high performing, scalable, and flexible open-source.


GraphQL, an application layer query language, for handling data between client & server.


The APIs of RentALL Cars are built using the lightweight web application framework – Express.js.


For building a responsive and mobile-first website, we used Bootstrap, an open-source CSS framework.

Here’s how the process goes in building best car rental software


We plan the requirements and prepare a milestone for each stage of the project.


We start coding based on the milestone plan. Developers build the software according to the plan.


We test the final product rigorously. If any bugs are found, developers make sure to resolve it.


Finally, we launch the product into the market that is ready to receive customers.

Wrapping up

It is clear from reading this blog that the car rental software takes care of all business operations like reservation, payout, reviews, and webpage content. An interactive and engaging user interface captures the user’s attention

Also, in order for anybody – be it customers or the business owners – to feel convenient in using the software, it has to be integrated with all the key features that help car owners, users, and business owners as well.

For more details about RentALL Cars – Best Car Rental Software,

ping us at [email protected].

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