How to craft a rock-solid Uber for handyman app to start your business?

November 7, 2020

By Max Quinn

When we need a handyman for a job to be done, we look for someone near to our location. But, sometimes they are busy with other work and takes time to get our job done. To solve such problems, an Uber for handyman app will help people in connecting to a professional handyman and get our job done immediately.

Online handyman service is a potential business opportunity that can solve people’s problems in getting the job done immediately.

In this post, we walk you through how to craft a robust Uber for handyman app to start your business.

How is Uber for handyman app beneficial?

According to Verified Market Research, the United States Home Services Market was valued at USD 105.55 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 219.07 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 35.8% from 2019 to 2026. It is said that the increase in the growth of the handyman service is due to the hectic lives of people in cities and also increased urbanization.

From a business and customers point of view, the Uber for handyman app has benefits to offer such as:

1. Interact with customers every day: You get to interact with customers through push notification by sending messages of offers, the upcoming launch of a new service in your business.
2. Be available to them 24/7: The app lets your business be accessible 24/7. The customer can book a service anytime and anywhere.
3. Easy to find and book a service: The users would find it easy to hire a handyman for any particular help by going through the service categories.
4. A great source of income: The skilled handyman can earn extra income through the handyman app.
5. Convenience: It is convenient for business owners and customers to connect with each other at the same place.

Types of handyman services


Plumbing involves fixing broken and leaky pipes, valves, water tanks, anything that is involved with water supply. Every once in a year, we hire a plumber to do any maintenance work inside the home, and not all people know how to fix it.


Electrician’s day to day job involves installing or repairing electric wires inside the home or apartment, installing or changing electric lightning.

Repairs, Improvements, and Maintenance

It can be installing a heater, air-conditioner, home-security, sprinkler system, etc.

How to book a handyman service through the app?

First, the customer sign into the app and fills in their personal information. Then, they choose a handyman service they want and enter the location.

The app searches for the nearby handyman and sends a booking request to them. The handyman can either accept or decline the booking request.

When the handyman accepts the booking request, they get information about the type of service and the customer’s location. They get the job done and receive their share of earnings.

If the handyman declines the booking request, the app re-assign the request to another handyman who is near to the customer’s location.

How to build an Uber for handyman app?


The first part of building an app is to design the user interface and the complete workflow.

When designing a handyman app like Uber, the user interface has to be visually treating for the user’s eyes and should feel convenient using it.

Other than usability, the app has to be fast loading and be secure when handling user’s data.

Technology stack

In recent times, there is a lot of importance to cross-platform development as it saves the development cost and time. Also, entrepreneurs can validate the business idea in a short time by developing the MVP product using cross-platform technology.

Google released Flutter, a cross-platform development tool for building attractive mobile apps.

Most developers see Flutter is the future of mobile application development.

How much does it cost to build a handyman app like Uber?

The cost of development depends upon the business requirements. A mobile app is either built from scratch by hiring experienced developers or customized from the existing readymade solution.

The cost of developing a mobile app from scratch takes time and costs more compared to customizing from an existing readymade solution.

You can take a look at our Wooberly – readymade on-demand platform. It is customizable to any on-demand business idea and has all the essential features for the basic functioning of the platform.

The basic components of the handyman app

The handyman app is similar to the business model of Uber. The handyman platform comes with two mobile apps, an app for customers and a handyman, and an admin dashboard.

In the customer’s app, you have these basic features such as:

1. Simple registration – Registre into the app using mobile number
2. Multiple payment options – Customer can pay for the service using cash, card & wallet
3. Choose any language and currency – Choose any currency and language depending upon the customer’s wish.
4. Past and current booking details – Customers can keep track of the previous and current booking history.
5. Fare estimation – Customers can get fare estimation of the handyman service.
6. Incall options – Customers can call the handyman using the in-call option.
7. Rating – Customers can rate the handyman based on the quality of the service done.
8. Push notifications – Customer can get live updates about the booking details
9. Add a tip to the service – Customers can add a tip to the wonderful service of the handyman.
10. Secure payment transaction – Customers can transfer the payment securely using Stripe 3D Secure

In the handyman app, essential features are:

1. Easy registration process – Handyman can sign up into the app using a mobile number.
2. Account setting – Handyman can fill in detailed information on their identity – Name, email, vehicle details.
3. Document verification – Handyman can upload scanned documents to prove their identity.
4. Currency and language – Handyman can choose their preferred currency and language.
5. Past and current booking – A section to see past and current bookings.
6. Status Availability – Handyman can change their availability status as online or offline.
7. Push notifications – Push notification helps in getting all the real-updates of booking.
8. In-call option – The handyman can call the customer to know their location and any further details.
9. Google map navigation – This feature helps handyman to reach the customer location by seeing the Google map.
10. Earnings Report – A consolidated report helps in knowing the total earnings and the weekly earnings made on the platform.

Key features included in Admin Panel

The admin panel is for the platform owners who oversee and manage all the operations that happen on the platform.

They can:

1. Manage customers and handyman – The platform owner can manage all the information of the customer and handyman.

2. Manage all the reservations happen on the platform – The platform owner can view past and current reservations happen on the platform. They can also view each reservation details along with the earnings they made.

3. Oversee all the earnings – The platform owners can view the earnings they made from the platform.

How do Business owners earn from the platform?

The platform owners earn through the Uber for handyman platform by deducing a small commission from each transaction.

The owner deducts a service fee as a percentage from both customers and handymen. The service fee differs from service to service.

Other than the service fee, the business owners set the base fare for a service.

Closing thoughts

I hope this article has given a complete idea about developing an Uber for handyman app for your business.

The on-demand economy is thriving due to the advancement of technology that allows the business to operate efficiently. This enables entrepreneurs to implement their niche on-demand business ideas and make it successful.

If you want to develop an on-demand handyman app, we are here to assist you. You can reach us at [email protected].

To know complete information about the product Wooberly, visit our product page.

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