We are happy to announce the RentALL android mobile app v1.0- stable release.

This is one of our biggest triumphs, crossing a big milestone in our journey.

RentALL is a customizable rental marketplace platform to support any niche application.

Platforms such as vacation rental, car rental, coworking space, equipment rental and event venue sharing adapted to the business models of sharing economy.

Let’s run down the features introduced in this stable release.

Switch to Hosting/Switch to Travelling

User can switch from guest to host in an easy way by clicking the option ‘Switching to hosting’, displaying options such as Listings, calendar, reservation, inbox, profile at the bottom of the screen and being hassle-free to shift from one option to another.

Likewise, user can switch from host to guest mode with the same option from profile screen which gives them guest options such as Explore, Wishlist, Trips, and Inbox.

Becoming a Host

The host can create and manage their listings straight from the app. Step by Step flow helps them add their listing data in an efficient and faster manner.

To create a new listing, the host needs to complete 3 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Entering details of the listing

Details such as place type, Bedrooms, Baths, Location, Amenities, and other Shared Spaces.

Step 2: Adding images to the listing

The host can upload photos from their mobile device giving a perfect description and title.

The photos get uploaded without any breakdown when the user perform multitasking

Step 3: Rules and regulations of Host space and their service

Host reviews the Guest Requirements, House Rules, Guest Bookings, Advance Notice, Booking window, Min-max nights, Pricing, Discount, Booking, and Local Laws.

Payout Preference

Host can add their payout details from the “Payout Preference” found in the profile screen. This payout information is necessary to send out the payments to the host.

Host can use either their Paypal email address or bank details to add their payout method. They can choose any one of the payout methods as a default one. The host can add any number of payout methods.

Host Inbox

The host can interact with the guests who booked their space or send an inquiry.

If there are any new messages, it gets notified on the chat window when messaging with any guest.

Calendar Availability

Host can manage many listings by choosing a drop-down list box at the top of the screen and choosing the right one. Three types of status seen at the top known as Available, Not available and booked.

Host can block any date as ‘Not available’ by selecting on the specified date.

Manage Listings

Host handles all the listing information. They can make changes, publish and unpublish the listings. The listing is separated into two types: ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’.

In-Progress means the host has unfinished furnishing of the details in the listing.

Completed shows the listings have furnished with all the necessary details.

Reservation Management

Host can differentiate their listing as the upcoming and previous reservation.

In the option ‘Upcoming trips’, the host can accept or decline the request with the ease click of a button. Options such as Message, Receipt and Cancel seen at the right side of each reservation.

In ‘Previous Trips’, the host can preview older messages and receipts of transactions.

Cancel Reservation

The host can cancel an upcoming reservation. The refund befalls after enquiring the reason.
Please try RentALL Android app on Google Playstore and share your feedback.

Here is the link, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rentall.radicalstart

Share your feedback at support@radicalstart.com. We will be grateful for your support.

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