RentALL – Airbnb Clone, gives you an option in the admin panel to add verified reviews for your host to attract mainstream customers.

The biggest challenge for a startup is to get their first few customers. You will need real paying customers to validate your idea and to learn more about their’s pain to create more opportunities.

When you build your platform with RentALL, that enables you to attract main stream customers with the feature called “Admin Reviews”.

Before we dive into this, let’s look closely on the type of customers that we all need from the early to growth stages.

When it comes to customers they can be categorized into two different types respectively Early adopters and Mainstream customers.

Who are these Early adopters?

– They are very supportive people
– Very excited on new ideas
– Spend their time to provide feedback and help you improve your product
– Always look for new solutions for their problems
– Risk takers
– Try new things and they believe in new ideas
– Recommend new solutions(startups) to their circle
– Even though you don’t have many features, they understand and work with you what you provide

In your early days, this is the type of customers all you need to get the ball rolling.

Who are these Main Stream Customers?

– Very supportive when you really solve their problem
– Cautious to use new ideas/solutions
– They don’t have enough time to provide you feedback but you can still learn more from them
– Always look for proven solutions and that should be used by many other people like them
– They are not risk takers
– Don’t try new things very often and they believe in other user’s reviews
– They don’t recommend solutions to others unless it’s completely solving their pain

If you had to pick any one of these types of customer, you would simply choose the early adopters. Why is that? The reason is simple,

– It’s hard to get the mainstream customers
– It’s hard to retain the mainstream customers

You can’t grow your company without mainstream customers because there aren’t enough early adopters to take your company to the growth stage.

Instead of ignoring the mainstream customers, now you will need to figure out a way to get and keep a lot of mainstream customers.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, RentALL comes with a feature to help you get and retain more mainstream customers. We call this feature “Admin Reviews”

Admin(you) can create reviews for each and every listing in your platform. Instead of showing 0 reviews and ratings on your platform, you can have a decent number of ratings and reviews for all your listings.

You can even edit or delete them from the admin panel whenever you want.

Isn’t it called fake reviews?

No, not at all 🙂 It doesn’t need to be fake reviews. Think about it, if any of your hosts may already have their listings listed and got some reviews from real people who stayed or experiences their services. You can simply copy those reviews and add them into your platform. See, it’s not a fake review. It will be considered as “Certified Reviews by your company/startup”.

If you have different ideas to attract mainstream customer in early-stage startups, please share.

Feel free to share your feedback to and we will be very excited to hear from you.

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