RentALL–  the best in class Airbnb Clone Script comes with Wishlist that helps you drive more sales and customer engagement

Wishlist is not just another feature that you need, it’s more like a friend who can help your users take action and drive more sales opportunity.

Isn’t Wishlist just another feature?

Yes, it is! Yet it’s more than just a feature.

“Wishlist can help you drive more sales and customer engagement.”

There will be a lot of features in your sharing economy platform where each of them will take care of certain things. Wishlist plays an important role in helping your users to save their interest, share it with their circle and remind them to take action.

How Wishlist can help your users?

Help users save their interest:

Sometime users may not want to do something at that moment but they definitely want to do it later time. Wishlist can help them save their interest for them to take action at the later time.

Help users save their time:

When users like something and they should be able to access the items anytime without any hassle. Wishlist helps save your user’s time in finding their interest very quickly.

Share their interest with loved ones:

As a human being, we tend to share our interest with our family, friends and closed ones. With Wishlist, you can enable your users to share their interest with others.

Reminding them to take action:

It’s normal for us to forget something because we are handling too many things in our day to day life. Wishlist can be used as a reminder for taking necessary actions.

Yes, for example, your user wants to go for a trip to Paris but he couldn’t find the time. If he added that accommodation listings to his wish list, it can keep on reminding him that he has to make it to Paris sometime which can even push him to take action.

How Wish list can help you/your platform?

Reduce customer churn:

Customer Churn is one of the biggest challenges every company/entrepreneurs face. If you don’t handle the customer churn rate then you will be in serious trouble. There are a lot of reasons customer leaving your platform mainly when users look for something which is not available on your platform.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce your customer churn rate. Having Wishlist is one of the best way to solve this issue. Even if something is not available at that moment, your users can always save them for future use.

Drive more sales:

Wishlist can drive more sales. How is that possible? Yes, it’s possible when it enables your users to save their interest, share it with their loved ones, and reminding them to take action. Now you know, how Wishlist can drive more sales 😃

Bring you more new users:
Yes, when users share their interest with others, they will get know about your platform and if they are interested they become your users and they invite their closed ones. You can use Wishlist as a viral marketing weapon as well.

How Airbnb did the magic with their Wishlist?

Yes, Airbnb did a wonderful growth hacking with their Wishlist. You may already know this, but it’s worth mentioning here.

They just changed their Wishlist icon from a Star to a Heart which drove 30% of growth. The lesson we need to take from this case study is very simple, you always need to have something that touches your users personal feeling and it should be genuine.

Why we built wish list on RentALL – Airbnb clone script?

We understood the real importance of the Wishlist and that drove us to Wishlist amazing Wishlist feature in RentALL – Airbnb Clone Script. Now, we are double happy that we can help our customers to help their users 😃

Please try the wish list feature in our demo, and share your feedback.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

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