We are happy to announce the release of RentALL v1.7.1 – Airbnb clone script with more handy features to help you run your rental or sharing economy platform like Airbnb.

First of all, we are very grateful to all our customers for providing valuable feedback to improve RentALL – Airbnb clone and make it stand out from the crowd.

Here is the summary of the features that’s been added to RentALL v1.7.1 – Airbnb clone script,

New features:

  • New Search layout
  • Ban users from admin
  • Report user
  • More user information in Admin panel
  • Message Auditing in Admin panel
  • Multiple bed type option
  • Homepage Footer content can be changed from admin
  • Bug fixing

New Search layout:

In earlier version of RentALL – Airbnb clone script we didn’t have enough room to show the results on the search page. As we realised, showing the search results could potentially help our customers to make more business with their users. We went with the way how Airbnb is solving this problem in their recent search page design.

Now, we have more room for search results and we have moved the filters to the top. In addition, we have an option to turn on/off the map. In this way, it will be useful to users how don’t want to see the map all the time.

Ban users from admin:

As a site admin, you should have an option to Ban or Activate the users any time. It’s very useful when you suspect if any of the user is behaving against the community or the platform. Before this, we had an option to totally delete the user but we found that it’s not the permanent solution as the user can create their account with the same details any time later and admin could easily miss it.

However, RentALL v1.7.1 – Airbnb clone script comes with Ban users option to make things easy for the site admin.

Report user:

In addition to the “Ban users”, now you can get help from your users to spot spam users with the help of “Report users” functionality. This report user option will be available in user’s public profile page and it will trigger a popup with 3 options to choose respectively “shouldn’t be available in the platform”, “try to contact outside of the platform” and “inappropriate content of spam”.

Also, there is an option in the admin panel to monitor all these reports which are triggered by other users in the platform.

More user information in Admin panel:

Now admin see all the users information form the admin panel itself. Previously admin needs to see the user information from the public profile in the frontend. This allows you to see all the contact and address details of each and every users in the platform.

Message Auditing in Admin panel:

As we have internal messaging system for the users. We realised there is no way for the admin to monitor these messages. In RentALL – Airbnb clone script, we have built an option in the admin panel to allow site owner to monitor all the messages between the users. This will help the site owners to track if any of the users try to misuse the platform or breaking community/platform terms.

Multiple bed type option:

Previously we didn’t have any option to add multiple bed types based on the number of beds chosen by the host. We have built an option for the host to choose bed types for each beds in RentALL v1.7.1 – Airbnb clone script

Homepage Footer content Management:

As most of the homepage content can be changed from the admin panel, there were 3 static blocks didn’t have any option in the admin panel to update content. Thankfully RentALL v1.7.1 – Airbnb clone script, allows you to manage all these 3 blocks from the admin panel itself.

Bug fixes:

Once again, we are thankful to all our customers who have taken their time to share their feedback to improve RentALL. After the release of v1.7.0 we have spent a good amount of time fixing bugs in the existing and new features. We will continue hunting for more bugs and make sure that RentALL – Airbnb clone fulfil its purpose.

Thank you for taking your time reading this post 🙂

Please share your feedback to support@radicalstart.com and we will get back to at the earliest.

Try our demo here: http://demo.rentallscript.com

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