We are happy to announce the release of RentALL v1.6.0 – Airbnb clone script. In this release, we mainly focused on empowering the end users to help the platform to get rid of spam or fake users and to build more trusted community-driven platform.

Summary of the RentALL v1.6.0 – Airbnb clone script. Release notes,

New features:

  • SMS verification
  • Report user
  • Become a host landing page
  • Similar listings


  • Search map improvements
  • Wishlist improvements
  • Separate receipt for the host
  • Manageable homepage content
  • Footer toggle menu
  • Bug fixes on both functionality and UI

Building a sharing economy platform like Airbnb isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s not just about the technology to build such community-driven platform but it involves more of empowering your users to help you build a trusted community.

SMS verification:

RentALL – Airbnb clone script allows your users to verify their Phone number through SMS verification. It’s a standard feature in all major platforms including Airbnb, HomeAway, and Uber.

The main purpose of verifying the user phone number is to avoid fake contact numbers. Communication is the key to run any business and phone is the important medium to reach the users immediately. This will avoid fake numbers.

We are using Twilio SMS verification API to achieve this. Twilio is used by Airbnb, HomeAway, TaskRabbit and many other big brands.

Report user:

Empowering your users in a community-driven platform is the best way to get rid of spam, fake or irrelevant users from your platform.

RentALL – Airbnb clone script now comes with a Report User feature to allow your users to report you if there is any user in the platform looks suspicious. As an admin, you will get notified and you will also have this information in the admin panel to take the necessary actions.

Become a host landing page:

In RentALL – Airbnb clone script v1.6.0, we have a landing page when a user wants to become a host. In this way, you can highlight the reasons and benefits of becoming a host in your platform.

We believe this will help you set the stage for the users even before they become a host on your platform. In this way, you can lead your host the way you want the platform to be working and to keep the standards.

Similar listings:

On each listing detailed page, there will be a section called Similar listings to show the listings that are nearby the corresponding listing. This will give you provide multiple options for your users in the same or nearby area.

Search map improvements:

We have added the “Search as I move the map” option on the search map similar to Airbnb. This feature allows the users to search location based on moving the map and zoom in/out the map.

We have made some changes to the way how the current location search is working. It will be based on the radius of the specific miles/km to show the precise location. Also, if the user searches for wide-area like a country or state, that will omit this radius search to show the entire area.

Wishlist improvements:

In RentALL – Airbnb clone script, we have improved the user experience in Wishlist feature to almost look alike Airbnb’s Wishlist. Now, the users no longer need to go to the Wishlist main page to create, they can simply create their Wishlist simply from the popup.

Also, when the user tries to add a listing to their wishlist, they will see the basic information of the listing and a link to the detailed page.

Separate receipt for the host:

In the earlier version of RentALL, we had a common receipt for both guest and host. Now we have two different receipts for guests and hosts to reflect respective information. Transparency of billing information increases more trust on the platform and avoid unwanted confusions.

Manageable homepage content:

As an admin, now you can simply manage the footer block contents to highlight the benefits of the platform in the home page. It can be changed by the admin at any time without touching any code.

Footer toggle menu:

We have added a toggle menu on the footer menu on Home and Search pages to improve the user experience. Initially, we didn’t have a footer menu on the search page due to keep it simple for the users.

Bug fixes:

We are very thankful to our customers for their wonderful feedback. We have fixed bunch of bugs that are related to both UI and functionality. We will keep improving the quality in the coming versions as well.

Please share your feedback to support@radicalstart.com and we will get back to at the earliest.

Try our demo here: http://demo.rentallscript.com

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