We released the RentALL Android mobile app v1.0, a big event for the development of RentALL. Now, we have introduced some new features and fixed bugs. We bring a new version of RentALL v1.1.0 (Airbnb clone) – Android mobile app.

What is RentALL script?

RentALL script is a customizable rental application defined to suit any renting business. RentALL, an Airbnb clone is available in Web, Android, and IOS platforms. Rental business such as vacation rental, car rental, bike rental, coworking, and venue sharing could make use of our RentALL script.

Introducing new features in RentALL v1.1.0

RentALL v1.1.0 brings in new revamps in UI. We have also updated new features in RentALL Android mobile app v1.1.0 which are:

Supporting Multi-language

Any application using the user’s language would connect with them better. We have introduced RentALL app in the language Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Plus, we can install any languages along with the existing ones.

Revamping profile page settings

We have added the ‘Help’ section. It can be helpful for the users to get clarified on the company’s policy. Then, we have added the section ‘About us’, ‘Trust & Safety’ and ‘Terms & Privacy’ screens.

‘About US’ section is the information about the company purpose and what it stands for. Trust and Safety section contains policy on the company’s measures to provide a safe and friendly environment for users. ‘Terms & Privacy’ section notifies users about the management of the user’s private data.

Bug fixes

We have fixed bugs based upon customer’s feedback. Now, RentALL mobile app is more efficient and fast-loading.

We appreciate your time reading this post. Please try the latest version of RentALL mobile app v1.1.0 from the Play Store and share your feedback.

Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rentall.radicalstart


If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at support@radicalstart.com.

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