We are very excited to announce the latest version of RentALL’s Airbnb clone – v2.0 that comes with some major update brightened UI design and bug fixes.

What is RentALL?

RentALL is a customizable rental marketplace software, helping entrepreneurs to set up their platform quickly and efficiently. RentALL is flexible to all solutions such as vacation rental, venue sharing, car/bike rental, coworking, equipment rental, and camp space sharing, etc.

Now, let’s see what we have got in the new version of RentALL!

What’s new in RentALL v2.0?

Seasonal pricing setup

Host can now set new pricing for a particular day or season. This feature makes it easy to set special price rates. All you need to do is,

  • Select the days in the listing Calendar
  • Enter the new price rate in the text box

Become a Host in RentALL DemoThis feature helps to modify the pricing during peak seasons or dull seasons to provide better offers to the users.

Review Management

In order to subdue fallacious reviews, this new feature – review management brings in an easy way to disable and edit for Admin.

You can disable the review by clicking the ‘Disable review’ option and edit by clicking the specific review.

Optional phone verification

Phone number is mandatorily asked in every marketplace website. Automatically, after entering our number, it gets verified. This is a very common procedure in every website. However, sometimes you may not want to verify your user contact numbers based on your targetted customer.

RentALL updated admin features in airbnb clone

In this version, we have given admin an option to turn on or off the Phone verification.

  • Phone number with verification or
  • Phone number with no verification

Automated image compression

In the previous versions of RentALL, when the users upload large images, that caused the storage issue on the server and that affected the load time in the frontend.

We are glad that we were able to sort this out with “Automated image compression” which would compress the uploaded image without compromising the quality. It compresses about 20-30% of the original image. This can improve the loading speed and also server storage space.

Revamping UI Design

We have refreshed the UI design in both Admin and Host side. Here is the list of sections which you would have noticed the changes:

  • Inbox

The inbox section renewed to give a message board easy to read and access.

  • Upcoming/Previous Reservations

We have added a timeline design in the upcoming and previous reservation page. We also refreshed the look of the page and improved readability.

  • Review

In the profile section, ‘Trust and verification’ and ‘Review’ page revamped by adding icons and improving the font sizes.

  • Upcoming/Previous Trips

A timeline design upgraded making easily distinguishable between Approved, Cancelled and Expired trip bookings to help guest to organize their bookings.

Bug fixes

Bugs were crawling everywhere!!! We have crushed the bugs with sticks and stones and shot with a gun at the big ones.

Thanks for taking the time to read it. Try our demo here: http://demo.rentallscript.com.

Share your feedback at support@radicalstart.com. We will be grateful for your support.

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