Managing your space rental business successfully requires a lot of factors to accomplish. But the core elements are a good business vision, skilled employees, and satisfying customers. But to manage a space rental business through an online website, it can’t be possible if you don’t have these crucial features.

So, let’s look into the top 5 features that should be on a website/app to manage a successful space rental business. 

I – Secure Payment Transactions 

Day by day people started making online transactions through Stripe or PayPal to be quicker and in case of not having cash at hand. 

To provide secure payment transactions end to end and to avoid any mishaps happening in your space rental business, implement 3D Secure transactions in your platform, and also Stripe Connect Onboarding for bank transactions to the space owners. 

3D secure authenticates the payment done by the customers before transferring to the website owners. In Stripe Connect Onboarding, the payment gateway takes care of acquiring enough information about the user to make their payment. The Stripe also keeps the sensitive information of the user safe, thus relieving the burden to maintain secure information. 

II – Multi-Language and Multi-currency 

Make your space rental website to be switchable to any language from the primary ‘English’ language. In this way, users of other native speakers can be able to connect with your website. 

Also, the multi-language feature is very much useful when you want to expand your space rental business into other countries. The same goes for the multi-currency feature. In addition, the multi-currency feature benefits other country users or tourists who want to conduct a book venue space for a seminar or workshop. 

III – Review Management System 

Review is an important asset to gather more users on your website. You can advertise your good reviews to other new users for gaining their trust. 

Manage your reviews through the dedicated dashboard where you would have bottom-up information of the user,  their email id, time of the review given, and to which venue owners. 

As a space rental owner, you have the full privilege to edit and delete the reviews given to your platform. But deleting all negative reviews might spring doubt among customers as not everything can be perfect. 

IV – Manage Reservations Happening in your Space Rental Business 

As an owner of your space rental business, you can overlook and manage the venue booking reservations happening in your space rental business. 

In the dashboard, owners can get all the information on the previous and current reservations. They can view the status of the booking, the venue listing, the total amount, whether the guest asks for a refund, or it is time to pay the venue owners. 

Even business owners can also know full details of a particular reservation like the venue owner’s name and email id, user name, and email id, the service fee charged, type of booking, check-in & check-out time, etc. 

V – Content Management System 

To make your space rental website rank at top of the search result to the user’s search query, it’s necessary to engage your audience with good content. Unique content ranks better at the search engine, which easily reaches the audience. 

Edit your static content on the website using the content management system feature in the dashboard. You can add more pages and edit the inside content with your creativity. 

A Successful Business Starts with a Successful Website Platform 

A successful space rental business is only possible if your online website and mobile app are seamless to use. As we have listed out the possible features for managing your space rental business as an owner, we also like to inform the customer experience is also important to the users’ long term retention and more transactions. 

To get the best experience in managing your business and also win your customers’ heart, RentALL Space would be the perfect plan for your business. Read all about RentALL Space – space rental script and for any questions and comments, send us to

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